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Sep 27th


Mommy TMI

Mommy TMI
When it comes to your Facebook status updates, how much info is too much?

TMI – Too Much Information – is a common ailment that afflicts millions of adults and teenage Facebook users. You name the topic, they're telling everybody and their brother about it.
When it comes to posting assorted details about your family, how much information is too much?
SafetyClicks explored the topic of Facebook-posting Netiquette. They took a more general approach, so we thought it would be fun to run a few pseudo posting scenarios, just for kicks.

Scenario 1

Mom posts: I was cleaning the bathroom today and spotted one of those house centipedes behind the toilet. Nightmare! Screamed bloody murder before killing the poor thing with a can of Scrubbing Bubbles.

Teen says: Booooring ... but acceptable.

Scenario 2

Dad posts: Someone in this household of mine "dropped their kids off at the pool" and forgot to flush. When will my kids learn to push down on the lever after completing their business? P.S. Where's Pavlov when I need him?

Teen says: Who is Pavlov and what's he got to do with the bathroom? Definitely an over-share, but at least I wasn't mentioned by name.

Scenario 3

Mom posts: My kid got sick all over the bathroom this morning. That's what he gets for eating Taco Bell after practice without consulting me first.

Teen says: I'm never talking to you again.

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