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Sep 27th


Run ... run for your social lives!

Teens may be fleeing Facebook to avoid parents

Facebooking parents chasing away their embarrassed teens? Sounds like crazy talk, but that's exactly what's happening according to a recent blog entry on ParentDish, which cites several recent case studies of this mass exodus/textodus. Let's face it: To the many-a-frustrated parents of bleary-eyed, zombiefied drones who can't...stop... posting into all hours of the night, the fact that kids are fleeing Facebook doesn't sound like much of an epidemic.

While this new wave of communication madness certainly has its drawbacks, it's also a great way to stay in the loop with teens who – mumble, mumble – aren't always eager to express themselves verbally. Truth is, if your teen bids farewell to Facebook, they will fill the social void with something else. With what, you ask? Well, that may become harder and harder for you to find out. Maybe zombiedom isn't so bad, after all.