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Feb 19th


3 Simple Tips for Safe Social Networking

Would you walk up to someone you've never met before and tell them your life story? Maybe you would share a few photos of you and your family with them? Would you tell them about your love life, dinner plans, even your vacation plans? The answer – you probably wouldn't. So, why would you do that on a social networking site? The answer seems obvious, but many of us don't always think about exactly what information we do post on social networking sites. Below are three quick tips to keep in mind when sharing information on a social network.

1. Know your Internet Privacy settings:
Who can see your Facebook status? Who can tag you in a photo? Are your tweets public? Manage these settings yourself on any social networking site you use. And, remember to double check these settings often to see if updates have been added or changed.

2. Don't share too much:
You may be enjoying a wonderful vacation on the beaches of Bermuda, but should you post pictures of yourself while you're away? Don't let people know where you are at a specific time.

3. Manage your Online Reputation:
Keep in mind that what you post is online and can remain online for a long period of time. Think twice about posting crazy and wild photos of yourself. Would you share these pictures with your grandmother? If the answer is "no," then don't post it. You never know when these photos may resurface. Once it's out there, it's on the Web for all to see.