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Feb 8th


How to Win Her Heart (and Look Smart)

If you really want to win her heart, fix up her computer. It's a chance to flaunt your tech savvy while showing her how much you care. Thanks to AOL, playing the PC knight in shining armor has never been easier--but we'll keep that our little secret.

Smiling, young couple surfing the internet on a laptop

Honey, I Have a Headache
There is nothing quite like a slow PC to give her a headache and put her in a bad mood. AOL Computer Checkup can help cure what ails her PC by not only speeding it up, but also keeping her computer optimized and protecting and securing data. Best of all for you, it's simple and easy to use. That's really not a lot to cure so many PC headaches.

Impress Her With Performance
Recreate that new PC feeling again by downloading a software that will repair errors, crashes and freezes, optimize the Windows registry and defrag the hard drive. Impress her with the ultimate in PC performance with AOL Computer Checkup.

Faster! Faster!
No one likes a slow PC. But even more than that, no one likes paying for a new one just to increase the speed. Save money and show off your tech smarts with AOL Computer Checkup, a PC optimizer that will speed up her PC by removing unnecessary files, reducing disk fragmentation and reclaiming valuable hard drive space.

Be Her Protector
It's a scary world out there on the Internet. Cybercriminals lurk behind seemingly innocuous websites, waiting to install malicious software when she least expects it. SUPERAntiSpyware works with her existing anti-virus software for extra spyware protection, quickly removing malware from her PC. Think of it as a deadbolt lock on the front door. Best of all, you can set it to scan daily or weekly--and never have to lift a finger again.

Protect Her Privacy
Whether we like it or not, we are all public figures on the Internet. Show her how much you value her privacy. MyPrivacy monitors the Internet for her information and automatically requests removal whenever it becomes visible. Wipe out the publication of her salary, address and phone number on websites and put a stop to up to 80 percent of her junk mail. MyPrivacy is an effective way to protect her personal life from marketers, scammers and thieves.

Even When You Can't Be There...
...Assist by AOL can. There is no need to panic when the PC acts up--whether it's the dreaded "black screen of death" or a once-reliable software program that just won't open. Assist by AOL makes technology simple. Our experts are on hand 24/7 to help solve any computer problem. Choose from one of three plans: a one-time fix, a monthly subscription or an annual, unlimited subscription.

And remember, a faster, protected PC lasts longer than a dozen roses!