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Apr 2nd


The "Net's Most Hated Man" Incarcerated

The Internet gives everyone a virtual megaphone. Even the liars, lunatics and misogynists can reach the masses. One man who could be put in all three of those categories has been dubbed, "the net's most hated man." Why?

Handcuffed man standing in courtroom

28-year-old Hunter Moore founded the revenge porn site, "Is Anyone Up", which allowed scorned ex-lovers to post nude photos and videos of their exes, and even their real names and locations!

If that wasn't bad enough, Moore also paid hackers to illegally access hundreds of email accounts, in order to obtain more nude images and videos. One victim even claims that he stole photos from her Facebook account, and merged them with other photos to make it look like the risqué photos were of her.

The self-proclaimed, "professional life ruiner", pleaded guilty to a number of hacking and identity theft charges in a Los Angeles court Wednesday, February 18th, 2015. Moore is due back in court at a later date for sentencing, but faces a maximum of two to seven years in prison.

While we can celebrate this man's arrest as a small victory over cyber sexual assault, we can't ignore the fact that this is an ongoing issue being faced by our society. If we learned anything from this man's crimes and the celebrity photo hack of 2014, it's how little protection we actually have from our private information being hacked and massively spread online.

While there's little you can do to prevent an ex-lover from uploading photos of you out of spite, AOL does offer a few great products that can help alert you to posts about you online, and help you remove your private information from sites that sell it to others.

One way to remove your personal information from the web is with a service like MyPrivacy. This program wipes your sensitive information from certain databases and people-search sites, including things like your address, relatives' names and income level. Another great service you can use to manage your online presence is MyReputation Discovery. This program notifies you when you are posted about by name online, and tells you what it is, where it is and whether it's dangerous to your reputation.

Always be careful about who you share information like photos or passwords with and make sure you use a complicated password for all your accounts (password123 doesn't count). For added protection you can even use a product like AOL OnePoint to encrypt your passwords and usernames securely on your PC.

Source: AOL's Huffington Post