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Apr 7th


Does Your Slow PC Have a Need for Speed?

We have a need for speed. And we're not talking about cars. We want things to happen fast--especially when it comes to our computers.

If you have done any of the following, we have to warn you: You could be in danger of losing your mind over your slooow PC.

Why is my PC So SLOW!

Almost 40 percent of us have sworn at our computer, according to a worldwide survey conducted by IT security experts, Avira. (Does your mother know you have such a potty mouth?)

9 percent have actually hit their computer with an object, including a baseball bat or a fist. Ouch!

3 percent have picked up the computer and smashed it into the ground or against another object.

Is it time for an anger management class? Possibly, but it could be that all you need is a faster computer. If a new PC is not in your budget right now, there are inexpensive ways to boost your speed and assuage your anger.

But first, why do computers slow down as they age? Blame it on stuff. When you unbox a spanking new PC, it seems like it is flying because there is basically nothing on it. And then you start writing documents, creating spreadsheets, designing fancy PowerPoint presentations, storing photos of your vacation, downloading files, installing new software and before you know it, that hard drive is packed. Your computer is so bloated, it would burp if it could.

Computers can also slow down when the hard drive becomes corrupted, which is typically caused by bugs in the operating system, corrupted RAM data, static electricity from carpets or other fabrics, power surges and failing hardware, according to Kevin Smith, a writer for Business Insider magazine.

In addition, not having enough RAM, which is the memory required to run programs, or just running out of hard disk space can cause a PC to slow down to a crawl, notes Smith.

What can you do?

Clear it.
Clear your cache, your Internet browsing history and temporary Internet files. Also, empty the trash can.

Clean it.
Use AOL Computer Checkup to identify what is clogging your hard drive. Simple and easy to use, it analyzes how to improve your PC's performance and then runs a detailed diagnostic to identify and help fix any issues it may be having. This is all done in the background, so you can continue with business as usual while your PC is optimized. For advanced users, AOL Computer Checkup includes a suite of utilities that allows for further fine-tuning of your PC experience.

Zoom! Zoom!