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Apr 22nd


The Safe Way to Recycle Technology (and get a little something in return)

At Assist by AOL, we're all about helping people get the most out of their electronic devices. But when you get to that point where you've used your device for quite some time and you've started eyeing the newest gadgets on the market, we strongly support donating your old device-after we help back-up and remove all your data, of course. The best part? You can get cash or karma in return for your good recycling deeds.


This Earth Day, be nice to your planet by recycling your electronic waste. Most mobile phones, tablets and computers consist of metal and batteries that add to overflowing landfills and leach dangerous chemicals into our environment. But they can easily be reused instead of getting tossed in the trash.

Do a little research before trashing or recycling your device. Some used devices can't be recycled because they contain toxic materials, such as heavy metals. We have lots of resources below to help you dispose of them properly so they don't damage our planet.

Backing Up and Erasing Data
When you're ready to recycle an old device, Assist by AOL tech experts are available 24/7 to help you save all your data in a safe place and make sure no new owners can access your information on your old device. We'll make a working copy of your photos, music, emails, texts and contacts before wiping your device clean. Once we've made a copy, we'll transfer it to your external hard drive, cloud service or new device.

When we verify that all your information has been deleted from your old gadget, we'll conduct a factory reset or reformat your memory to make sure that none of your personal data gets left behind.


Where to Trade Old Devices for Cash or Karma
Here are some locations where you can conveniently trade your gadgets for...

Extra cash:
NextWorth (link to: – Sell or trade-in your tablets, phones, cameras, notebook computers and game consoles online or in-store

Gazelle ( – Buys and sells used phones, tablets and apple products and pays with cash, Amazon gift cards or Paypal

E-Cycle ( – A global company that helps organizations sell or dispose of wireless mobile devices

ecoATM ( - Convenient kiosks all over the U.S. offer a quick and easy way to sell your old phone, MP3 player or tablet for cash

Extra karma:

National Cristina Foundation ( – offers a locator service to match up your used goods with nearby non-profits

Phones for Charity ( A national program that will take your used mobile devices to help enable charities and organizations to raise funds

Secure the Call ( – A charity that accepts your used phones, which they re-purpose as 911 emergency-only cell phones for senior citizen centers, domestic violence shelters and police and sheriff departments

Please remember that you should always research a company or charity before conducting business with them. One resource for doing so is the Better Business Bureau, at