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Jun 8th


Dads and Grads: The Perfect Gift for Both

It's that time of year again: Gift-buying season for dads and grads. We lump them together because they rhyme. Really!?!

Face it, buying gifts for your father or that recent high school or college graduate is hard. But trust us on this. Dad does not want another tie. And your favorite grad doesn't need another folio, even if the one you had in mind is leather with a zipper.

Young man in graduation gown taking self-portrait photograph with father on campus

But there is one thing both dads and grads do want: support. As in computer support. It's the perfect gift to compliment that new device you just bought them! And you can give it to them, even if you're not one of those talented geeks who can fix any PC.

Ideal for the incoming college freshman:
Teenagers may think they know it all, but that's not always the case when it comes to safely surfing the web for college projects. If you're concerned your child could be the unwitting victim of nefarious Internet scammers, buy him or her SUPERAntiSpyware with that new laptop for graduation.

Cybercriminals lurk behind seemingly innocuous websites, waiting to secretly install malicious software. SUPERAntiSpyware works with your teen's existing anti-virus software for extra spyware protection, quickly removing malware, spyware and adware from his PC. Think of it as a deadbolt lock on the front door.

Best of all, your high school graduate can set it to scan daily or weekly--so they can always be on point for college.

Ideal for the college graduate:
Most college students begin their studies with a new PC and end those studies four or five years later using the same PC. With student loans, moving costs and all the things they need to purchase to begin a new job--from clothes to a car--buying a new PC is way down on the priority list.

You can give that old PC an infusion of new life with AOL Computer Checkup. When applications and files are deleted over the years, junk gets left behind. Worse yet, hidden traces from an Internet browsing history can expose sensitive data and compromise privacy. A periodic system checkup can keep that old computer running faster and safer.

AOL Computer Checkup is an effortless, automatic way to keep a computer optimized. Our software runs a scheduled, customizable PC checkup that performs two vital tasks: ensuring the computer's registry remains clean and helping to protect and secure data by cleaning up the Internet browsing history. Best of all, it's simple and easy to use.

Ideal for good ol' dad:
With potato salad in hand, you walk into your parents' house to celebrate Father's Day and the first thing that Dad says is "Can you help me real fast set up the printer" or "I can't seem to figure out how to use this thing, can you do it for me?" While you update his PC you know you're about to hear "back when I was a kid..." Sigh. This wouldn't be a recurring problem if your father has with Assist by AOL

There is no need to panic when the PC acts up--whether it's the dreaded "black screen of death" or a once-reliable software program that just won't open. Assist by AOL makes technology simple. Our experts are on hand 24/7 to help solve any computer problem. Now more time spent celebrating Father's Day.