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Digital Matters Archives for July, 2014

Help! How do I Remove All These Toolbars?

Take a good look at your computer screen. How many toolbars are on the top? If the answer is more than three, it's time to take control and delete some of them. What is a toolbar? A toolbar is a row of small icons at the top of the screen that activate the various functions of the software. All


Fun Twists for Everyday PC Peripherals

Whether you have a new computer or an old one that you want to spruce up, ever-evolving technologies mean that there is always a new way to make your computer peripherals more interesting or useful. You don't have to be a techie to make great use of some fun and functional peripheral devices for


Appalling Danger If You Use Public WiFi

The next time you fire up your laptop or iPad in a coffee shop, beware. Someone may be watching you--more closely than you ever imagined. A Firefox add-on called Firesheep allows anyone to see exactly what you're seeing on your computer--and even get full access to your Facebook, Amazon or