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Digital Matters Archives for August, 2014

Cyberbullying Children Ultimate Guide

Cyberbullying harms children. Don't let it happen to your kid or let him or her harm others! Lots of parents already know that cyberbullying can take place on popular social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, but may not realize that every week there's a new app or virtual game where


Russian Hackers Collect 1.2 Billion Passwords!

‚ÄčThere has been another breach! According to the New York Times, 1.2 billion usernames and passwords have been stolen by a Russian gang. Security researchers have suggested that it is now the LARGEST known collection of stolen Internet credentials. Not only were usernames and passwords stolen, but


How to Clear Your Cache

When you roam the Internet, accessing Web pages, files, images and other downloaded content, your Web browser caches, or stores, all that on your computer. That way, those files, which are called temporary Internet files, don't have to be retrieved again each time you click the back or forward