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Digital Matters Archives for October, 2014

Witch's Brew - A Scary Mixture of Online Threats!

Witch's Brew Video Transcript Don't Let your Computer Cast a Spell on You! Your computer can be like a witch's cauldron. You never know what tricky things can be brewing in the dark underbelly of your hard drive. Popular poisons come in the form of viruses, which will attach to existing


New Report Warns of Increasing Cyberthreats

As cybersecurity advances and better protects our computers from harmful threats, those threats are also advancing, becoming more harmful and difficult to detect. The newest McAfee Labs Threats Report, released in August 2014, details recent data surrounding threat research, threat intelligence and


Jimmy Kimmel: Most Dangerous Celebrity

Move your mouse away from that Jimmy Kimmel video link! He may appear harmless, but he just topped the most dangerous celebrity list.