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Digital Matters Archives for April, 2015

Stay Smart About Smartphone Privacy

In 2015 it's safe to assume that anything you do on your smartphone, and any information you store, has the potential of being tracked.


The Safe Way to Recycle Technology (and get a little something in return)

At Assist by AOL, we're all about helping people get the most out of their electronic devices. But when you get to that point where you've used your device for quite some time and you've started eyeing the newest gadgets on the market, we strongly support donating your old device-after we help


Does Your Slow PC Have a Need for Speed?

We have a need for speed. And we're not talking about cars. We want things to happen fast--especially when it comes to our computers. If you have done any of the following, we have to warn you: You could be in danger of losing your mind over your slooow PC.


The "Net's Most Hated Man" Incarcerated

The Internet gives everyone a virtual megaphone. Even the liars, lunatics and misogynists can reach the masses. One man who could be put in all three of those categories has been dubbed, "the net's most hated man." Why?