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Dads and Grads: The Perfect Gift for Both

It's that time of year again: Gift-buying season for dads and grads. We lump them together because they rhyme. Really!?! Face it, buying gifts for your father or that recent high school or college graduate is hard. But trust us on this. Dad does not want another tie. And your favorite grad doesn't


Cyberbullying Children Ultimate Guide

Cyberbullying harms children. Don't let it happen to your kid or let him or her harm others! Lots of parents already know that cyberbullying can take place on popular social media sites like Facebook or Twitter, but may not realize that every week there's a new app or virtual game where


McAfee Study Reveals the Digital Disconnect between Today's Youth and Parents

America's Youth Admit to Surprising Online Behavior, Would Change Actions if Parents Were Watching McAfee today released findings from the company's 2013 Digital Deception: Exploring the Online Disconnect between Parents and Kids study. The study examines the online habits and interests of


Cyberbullying - Cliques Who Click

Remember the good old days when the worst the "in" crowd could do was whisper in the hall about who did what with whom? While the old idiom about sticks and stones is mostly untrue -- words can definitely hurt -- at least back then, when there was no such thing as tweeting, the juicy gossip would