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Assist by AOL's Know Your Hotkeys Guide

With the amount of time we spend on our computers, every little second counts. Thankfully, computer manufacturers have made shortcuts to help you save time and effort. The tech experts at Assist by AOL pulled together this helpful cheat sheet with some of the most popular hotkeys (a combination of


Tech Education Series: Setting Up a Secure Wireless Network

Setting up a wireless network is fairly easy, but if you're not aware of the right security measures to put in place, you could be setting yourself up for hackers to steal any data you send over your network, including passwords, credit card information and other personal information. Setting up a


Father's Day Gift Guide

Whether your dad keeps up with the latest technology or acts like it's still the 1950's, there's something on this list that he'll love. Finding the perfect Father's Day gift can be a daunting task, especially if your dad is like mine and insists that he doesn't need anything. Who better to


Dads and Grads: The Perfect Gift for Both

It's that time of year again: Gift-buying season for dads and grads. We lump them together because they rhyme. Really!?! Face it, buying gifts for your father or that recent high school or college graduate is hard. But trust us on this. Dad does not want another tie. And your favorite grad doesn't