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The 2015 Most Dangerous Celebrities

Who doesn't love to search for celebrities online? From red carpet photos, to clips of the latest fashion faux pas, Hollywood gossip on the Web has a lot of us hooked. But sometimes, our interest in the stars can lead us into the digital danger zone. Cybercriminals take advantage of our interest in


Phishing Scams: Don't Click that Link!

You're sitting on your front porch. You see a stranger walking towards your property. You have no idea whom he is. But he's nicely dressed. He asks to come inside your house and look through your bank account records, view your checkbook routing number and account number, and jot down the 16-digit


Tech Education Series: Why Do I Have All Those Popups?

Just like witches in the "Wizard of Oz," some popups are good and some are bad...very, very bad. Good popups are legitimate ads produced by legitimate companies for legitimate purposes. For the most part, the Internet is free, and those who work hard and spend a lot of money providing content for


Beware! Is Someone Watching You?

Isn't it annoying when you open your laptop on a plane and the nosy stranger sitting next to you peers at your screen? That's the least of your worries. Connecting your laptop to a plane's WiFi is just like connecting to a public WiFi hotspot and poses some very real security risks. Like what?


The Worst Passwords You Could Choose (And How to Avoid Them)

Data breaches were abundant last year, forcing us all to take a look at our own security measures for the many devices and online accounts we use. One of the best ways to help secure your personal data and identity involves creating strong, secure passwords. Sounds easy, right? Unfortunately, as


Life of a Hacker- A Hacker's Toolkit

There are many tools available that hackers can use to access your private communication in WiFi hotspots. This article by Jared Howe, Private WiFi's Senior Manager of Product Marketing Communications discusses some of the most well-known WiFi hacking tools.


Stay Smart About Smartphone Privacy

In 2015 it's safe to assume that anything you do on your smartphone, and any information you store, has the potential of being tracked.


The "Net's Most Hated Man" Incarcerated

The Internet gives everyone a virtual megaphone. Even the liars, lunatics and misogynists can reach the masses. One man who could be put in all three of those categories has been dubbed, "the net's most hated man." Why?