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Free Your PC from Bloatware

Opening a pristine box to find a shiny new device conjures up that feeling of excitement children get opening a colorfully wrapped gift box with a new toy inside. However, it can be somewhat disheartening to find your new tablet, PC or smartphone already jam-packed with applications slowing it


Time to Clean the PC

If your computer is running painfully slow, that doesn't mean you have to trash it and run out for a new one. Give it a second chance! We have lots of tips to help get your older PC moving faster and more efficiently. If you try all of these and your computer is still crawling along at speeds


How to Clear Your Cache

When you roam the Internet, accessing Web pages, files, images and other downloaded content, your Web browser caches, or stores, all that on your computer. That way, those files, which are called temporary Internet files, don't have to be retrieved again each time you click the back or forward


How to Defrag Your Hard Drive--And Why

One of the best ways to speed up your computer is to defrag the hard drive. Face it, the hard drive is the heart of your computer, and like any mechanical device it is prone to failure. A little preventative maintenance can not only warn you of potential problems before they occur and fix any


Computer Maintenance Checklist

A little computer maintenance can go a long way in improving computer performance. Especially if you've been using your system for a while, it's a good idea to periodically check to ensure that all of its parts are functioning optimally. Below, check out everything you need to do your own computer


Signs Your Computer Needs a Tune-up

Do you think that your computer is acting not quite right, but you can't pinpoint exactly why? Just like you regularly tune-up your car, furnace or other major appliances, your computer also needs regular tune-ups. You don't want to be caught working on a deadline and have an irreparable crash, so


PC Utility Guide: Increasing Your Efficiency With Task Scheduler

One of the big secrets of efficiency: don't do anything you don't absolutely have to. The digital age has brought us all kinds of powerful tools for automating boring and menial tasks - some of which are hidden in plain sight, right on our personal computers.


All Day on a Computer? 5 PC Utilities That Can Improve Your Health

Sitting at a computer all day is no good for your health. Studies have shown the drawbacks and even the outright health hazards of a sedentary lifestyle. But if you're tied to your PC all day, why not turn it into your fitness ally? Here's a quick look at some PC utilities that just may improve