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Study Reveals Teens, Parents Take Online Risks

A study of online habits indicates substantial numbers of parents and their teens engage in highly risky behavior on the internet, putting themselves in danger of virus or malware infection and other threats.


3 Simple Tips for Safe Social Networking

Would you walk up to someone you've never met before and tell them your life story? Maybe you would share a few photos of you and your family with them? Would you tell them about your love life, dinner plans, even your vacation plans? The answer – you probably wouldn't. So, why would you do that on


Run ... run for your social lives!

Teens may be fleeing Facebook to avoid parents Facebooking parents chasing away their embarrassed teens? Sounds like crazy talk, but that's exactly what's happening according to a recent blog entry on ParentDish, which cites several recent case studies of this mass exodus/textodus.


Mommy TMI

Mommy TMI When it comes to your Facebook status updates, how much info is too much? TMI – Too Much Information – is a common ailment that afflicts millions of adults and teenage Facebook users. You name the topic, they're telling everybody and their brother about it. When it comes to posting