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The Many Faces of Malware

Malware refers to a number of different types of malicious software created by cyber-criminals to gain access to your devices and steal personal information or cause damage. Keep reading to find out more about how malware attacks and what kinds of damage it could do to your computer. Plus, we've


A Cheat Sheet for Tech Terms

The web security landscape has racked up some interesting terms to describe potential online threats—from worms and horses to phishing and pharming. Do you ever find yourself wondering what some of them really mean? What is malware and what's so bad about it? How does someone phish online? We've


What is Computer Adware?

What is Computer Adware? Adware is any software that, once installed on your computer, tracks your internet browsing habits and sends you pop-ups containing advertisements related to the sites and topics you've visited. While this type of software may sound innocent, it consumes and slows down your