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The Many Faces of Malware

Malware refers to a number of different types of malicious software created by cyber-criminals to gain access to your devices and steal personal information or cause damage. Keep reading to find out more about how malware attacks and what kinds of damage it could do to your computer. Plus, we've


The latest in cybercrime: Ransomware

Imagine this: a hacker steals all the files from your computer—all your photos, personal documents, emails, account documents and everything else you've saved over the years. If you want your files and photos and videos back, you must pay a ransom. This is called ransomware, a rising threat used


Top 10 Passwords You Should Never Use

If you've chosen an easy-to-remember password, such as your username or even the word "password," you may want to think seriously about changing it. ASAP. Easily guessed passwords can compromise your personal identity, privacy and financial accounts.