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Aug 30th 2016

Diet Ads: To Click or Not To Click?

diet concept word cloud...

We've all seen them before. Online ads claiming to have the cure for weight loss, complete with before and after photos showing the potential impact their product or program could have on your body. Plenty of weight loss websites that consumers will visit are safe and secure, but some of these sites could be attempting to steal your personal information.

Aug 9th 2016

The latest in cybercrime: Ransomware

Laptop Computer with a Giant Eye

Imagine this: a hacker steals all the files from your computer—all your photos, personal documents, emails, account documents and everything else you've saved over the years. If you want your files and photos and videos back, you must pay a ransom. This is called ransomware, a rising threat used by cybercriminals to extort money from people desperate to get their information back.

Jun 22nd 2016

What Are Cookies Doing to Your Computer?

Conceptual keyboard - Cookies (red key)
You know those not-so-yummy types of cookies that show up on your computer? The ones that aren't baked into perfect, melt-in-your-mouth sugary bites of happiness? We're talking about the cookies used to transfer information between the website you're visiting and your browser. They help the website and any advertisers on the website track when you visit and what you view—kind of like leaving a trail of cookie crumbs to show where you've been. Cookies aren't all bad, but you do need a basic knowledge of what to look out for so that you aren't handing all your personal information over to hackers.