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Mar 14th 2017

The Many Faces of Malware

Malware refers to a number of different types of malicious software created by cyber-criminals to gain access to your devices and steal personal information or cause damage. Keep reading to find out more about how malware attacks and what kinds of damage it could do to your computer. Plus, we've thrown in some helpful tips on how to avoid it.

Feb 21st 2017

A Cheat Sheet for Tech Terms

Dictionary Series - Technology

The web security landscape has racked up some interesting terms to describe potential online threats—from worms and horses to phishing and pharming. Do you ever find yourself wondering what some of them really mean? What is malware and what's so bad about it? How does someone phish online? We've pulled together definitions for some terms that we thought you might like to really understand. Take your time perusing these and soon you'll know exactly what to watch out for online (plus, you'll be prepped for your next chat with the IT person at work).

Jan 25th 2017

5 Tech Scams to Watch Out for in 2017

Yellow sign reading 'scam alert' against blue sky

We move forward into 2017 surrounded by technology that is constantly growing and improving. While many of us take advantage of all the gadgets and software that make our lives easier (and more entertaining), we should keep in mind the possible scams or threats that could put our sensitive information at risk. Below, we've compiled a list of growing cyber scams, to help give you a sense of what to look out for throughout the year. Stay safe online and off!

Dec 20th 2016

Wireless Safety Tips for Travelers

business man using internet on  smart phone and laptop

Packing smartphones, tablets and laptops seems like a no-brainer when it comes to traveling, whether you're flying, driving or riding to your destination. Being connected on-the-go is convenient and entertaining (and keeps kids occupied for extended periods of time), but it can also be risky. Whether you're using wifi on a plane or at a hotel, the airport, a tourist attraction or a coffee shop, any sensitive information you send or receive could be vulnerable to hackers.

Dec 2nd 2016

The Most Hackable Holiday Gifts and Tips to Help Secure Them

Tablet pc, smartphone and smartwatch for Christmas

From tablets to electronic toys, drones, media players and fitness trackers, gadgets make popular gifts during the holidays. They also make potentially easy prey to cybercriminals, if used without the proper security precautions. In all the excitement of unwrapping and powering on your newest device, don't forget to secure it before connecting it to the internet and making it vulnerable to hackers.

A recent Intel Security survey showed that 79 percent of consumers start using connected devices within the first day of receiving them but only 42 percent claim that they take the proper measures to secure their devices. With this in mind, Intel Security just announced its second annual McAfee Most Hackable Holiday Gifts list—to inform gift givers and receivers about the potential security risks associated with the hottest items on the market. Below, you'll find their list of hackable gifts along with tips on how to keep them secure.