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7 Ways to Clean Up Those Sloppy Digital Habits in the New Year

You've been fortunate over the years—no lost phone, no credit card fraud, no computer viruses. Still, deep down, you fear your sloppy digital habits will eventually catch up with you. So, instead of carrying a feeling of dread and denial into the new year, how about bringing confidence and peace of


The Most Dangerous Celebrities of 2016

Everybody loves some celebrity gossip once in a while. Whether you sift through tabloids in the checkout aisle, or bookmark fan sites on your browser, we're all suckers for a good Hollywood story. But did you know that your love for red carpet stars can be dangerous? This year marks the 10th


The 'Most Hackable' Gifts of the Holiday Season

It's that time of year again: the time for a gauntlet of ads, shopping trips, and crowds as we begin the holiday season. Like most years, gift-givers will be looking for the latest and greatest in toys and tech gadgets for those on their list. Many of these connect to the Internet or other devices,


The 2015 Most Dangerous Celebrities

Who doesn't love to search for celebrities online? From red carpet photos, to clips of the latest fashion faux pas, Hollywood gossip on the Web has a lot of us hooked. But sometimes, our interest in the stars can lead us into the digital danger zone. Cybercriminals take advantage of our interest in


Phishing Scams: Don't Click that Link!

You're sitting on your front porch. You see a stranger walking towards your property. You have no idea whom he is. But he's nicely dressed. He asks to come inside your house and look through your bank account records, view your checkbook routing number and account number, and jot down the 16-digit


Holiday Scam #1: Not-So-Merry Mobile Apps

With the latest advancements in technology, we're now able to do everything from our phones from playing Candy Crush and booking our holiday trips to paying our bills. While applications may save time when it comes to holiday planning, malicious mobile apps are ready and waiting to ruin our