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Jul 6th


New Computer Fast Enough to Stop Missiles

There's a computer that can stop missiles mid-flight, yet home PCs are still susceptible to running at a snail's pace.
In the news, several sources have reported that the US Army might acquire protective mobile computer systems that are fast enough to not only stop enemy missiles, but to do so just before they hit their target.

Artis, the company that developed the "active protection" technology (APS), calls the computer system the Iron Curtain, and believes that it could save hundreds of lives from incoming projectiles or roadside bombs. The system works by using advanced algorithms and an optical sensor to quickly counteract missiles at the last moment, rather than in early flight.

So far in testing, Iron Curtain has managed to take down rockets travelling at 295 meters per second. According to a article, pulling off such high-speed precision requires split-second calculations -- from detecting the incoming rocket to figuring out its flight pattern to deciding when to fire the countermeasure. Plus, you need a bunch of processing power.

"Active protection is a testament to how fast computers are these days - especially when you're not burdening them, by running an operating system," says Artis CEO Keith Brendley.
So, there you go. Home PCs have those pesky operating systems. And it can bog things down quite a bit.

AOL's Computer Checkup
, however, speeds operation and keeps your PC running fast. It works to keep the operating system optimized by repairing file fragments, outdated drivers and cluttered registries that can lead to slow performance. It will also recover files you accidentally deleted. Plus, the program is easy for beginners to run, but plenty powerful for advanced users.

System Mechanic
is another user-friendly PC tool that repairs common problems such as slowdowns, crashes and freezes, leading to smoother, quicker and more reliable operation. The software cleans up hard disk clutter for faster performance and, hopefully, a long and happy life with you.

So, while you may not be able to stop missiles mid-flight, you'll be cruising at a considerably quicker pace than you were before.