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Feb 5th


​Feb 9th- National Clean Out Your Computer Day

As spring approaches, you may already be starting the traditional spring-cleaning process of clearing out your closet, garage or attic, but what about your computer?

This February 9th, 2015 is National Clean Out Your Computer Day, a day where you're encouraged to give your computer some TLC.

Man Vacuuming Laptop Computer

With the seemingly endless amount of storage available on our computers, it's easy to keep adding programs and documents without a second thought, but overtime, that junk can really slow down your computer and even lead to more serious issues, like software crashes. While sorting through unwanted files and apps may seem like a hassle, the benefit of having your PC run more quickly could save you much more time in the long run.

Clean up your desktop
Start by removing non-essential apps from your desktop. This not only makes it easier for you to navigate your screen, but also means your computer will take less time booting up, since it won't have to refresh all those icons. You can also organize any floating files on your screen into folders, and move them into your Documents file to help clear some screen real estate.

Run Disk Cleanup
From the start menu, go to My Computer, right-click your drive and open Properties, then select Disk Cleanup. This program analyzes your free space and safely deletes superfluous files.

If this seems too complicated or just sound like a hassle, there are many good utility programs you can also use, that will do this service for you. AOL Computer Checkup, which has a free 30-day trial available online, automatically optimizes your PC by cleaning up unwanted files, repairing the registry, and defragmenting the hard drive. It's like having maid service for your computer.

Scan for Viruses
If you don't already have a viruses protection program, you might want to think about getting one. Most PCs have some form of anti-malware that scans your computer every time you turn it on, but it's also important to run deeper system scans every 2-3 weeks. SUPERAntiSpyware removes malware, spyware, adware and many other types of threats and is designed to complement your anti-virus software. Like getting your car detailed, these programs really get in there and can often find things that a superficial scan might miss.

Literally "Clean" Your Computer
If you have a Desktop Computer, you can clean it out with a can of compressed air. This can typically be found at an office supply store, or any store that sells PCs. (Note: The compressed air is safe for your computer, but can be harmful to you if you inhale it, so make sure to go outside before using this.) Once outside, open the case, stand with your back to the wind and blast the dust away, making sure to focus on the vents, fans or any other area that sucks in air. Doing this regularly, can help eliminate the buildup that can cause computers to overheat.

Enjoy your optimized computer
Take the time to treat your computer right, and it may just repay you with faster, smother performance and a longer lifespan.