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Jun 25th


School is Over and it's Time to Spruce Up Your PC!

Having a clean space -- whether it's your house, car, desk or garage -- makes an impact on your daily life, reducing stress and saving time. And when it comes to your computer, keeping things neat and tidy is even more important because it directly affects how fast and productively your computer runs. Make sure to clean your computer regularly to keep it optimized and working well as long as possible.

Laptop and file

How do you clean your computer? First off, put away the gloves and bleach. We're talking about the INSIDE of your computer. Although, a good wipe down with a microfiber cloth and some computer-friendly cleaning solution is great for getting rid of the dust and fingerprints on your screen. However, the most clutter found on your computer usually exists in the form of unnecessary programs and files that take up valuable space and slow down your processing speed.

Clean up time!
Every time you use your computer, you could be extending its startup time. From applications you've downloaded to multimedia plugins and malware, many programs are set up to automatically launch when you turn on your computer. And for each program that starts up automatically, you will wait that much longer for your PC to get started. You can keep your computer running smoothly just by getting rid of files and programs you don't need on a regular basis.

One precaution to keep in mind: some start-up applications are legitimate or even necessary to a computer's functionality, such as antivirus programs. So don't just start deleting programs that don't look familiar, or you could damage your PC. It's best to get expert advice or use trustworthy software to clean up your computer and remove unnecessary programs. System Mechanic does just that, plus it diagnoses and fixes hundreds of problems, freeing up memory and speeding up your computer.

Tools such as AOL Computer Checkup, Microsoft System Configuration Utility (msconfig) and Startup Inspector allow you to easily optimize what is loaded at start-up without going through a lot of hassle. Computer Checkup runs a scheduled, customizable checkup on your machine to clean up your internet browsing history and clean your registry, so you don't even need to remember to clean it up regularly.

Another perk to cleaning up your computer? Security. Your private information will be much more secure if you are keeping an eye on what programs appear on your PC. Tools such as AOL Tech Fortress can help keep malware and spyware off your computer, so you won't need to worry so much about hackers and viruses.

Make cleaning your computer your next project. You know that feeling you get when you clean out your closet or dresser and suddenly you have all sorts of space and you can actually find the item of clothing you want to wear? There's a freedom in cleaning things out, whether it's your closet the fridge, the garage, your car. And you'll find that on your computer as well.