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Cool Travel Gadgets for Your Holiday Wish List

suitcase with Christmas gifts ready for travel.

Need some ideas for your shopping list or wish list this year? Whether you’re traveling for the holidays or planning some getaways in the new year, here are some must-have tech gadgets to help you (or your favorite traveler) get the most out of your next trip.

Bon voyage and stay safe!

Portable Power
You will probably never leave home without your smartphone, or maybe even a tablet, laptop or more. Keep all of these devices charged with the Belkin SurgePlus USB Swivel Charger. It plugs into any AC socket and provides extra outlets and a USB port for up to three devices. You can use it in your hotel room (if there aren’t enough outlets) or while you’re on the go.

Another option is the Flux Portable Charger. It’s an ultra-slim, ultra-small (about the size of an iPhone) backup battery with built-in cords (no need to carry extra cords!). It works for most iPhones, Androids, and other USB devices, such as Bluetooth wireless headphones and tablets, and packs enough power to charge up a smartphone three times.

Global Hotspot
The Skyroam lets you carry unlimited WiFi in your pocket, wherever you go. One-touch access to unlimited WiFi in over 100 countries – no SIMs needed! You can connect up to five devices at one time and the WiFi battery life lasts at least 16 hours.

Secure WiFi
Speaking of WiFi and traveling, if you’re going to be using your devices in public places, always use caution when connecting over public WiFi. You never know when strangers (i.e., hackers) can be “listening in” and trying to access your bank accounts, credit card numbers and other personal information. Protect your computer and all of your mobile devices with Private WiFi. It provides security for all of your mobile communications while you’re on the road.

Waterproof Case
Water, water everywhere… especially if you take a nice tropical vacation by the beach. If you’re at risk of any accidental encounters with water, then be sure to purchase a waterproof case for your phone. The Lifeproof Fre line is slim (won’t add a lot of extra bulk to your phone) and protects from dust and dirt. OtterBox Pursuit Series provides a more rugged case that is also not too bulky. It has dual-purpose foam to seal edges of the case, and also keeps dirt and dust out of the ports.

Drone Selfie
No more boring selfies with your smartphone. Instead, consider using the AirSelfie, which is a pocket-sized drone you control with your smartphone. It has a 5-megapixel HD camera and 4GB of photo and video storage built in so you can capture every moment of your vacation from way high up. You get three minutes of flying time per charge, and it comes with an optional rechargeable portable power bank.

Track Your Luggage
Few things can derail your vacation quicker than arriving at your destination only to find your luggage is somewhere else — and no one is quite sure where. The Tile Mate can help. It can keep track of almost anything, including your luggage, keys, wallet, passport and camera case. Just attach the small gadget to your valuables and sync it with the smartphone app. If you’re ever looking for something that might be lost, open the app and track the Tile or have it emit a loud noise so you can find what you’re looking for. If you lose your phone, double tap the Tile and it’ll ring your phone.

Track Your Steps
You might as well keep track of your fitness too while on vacation! Track how many miles you walk by bringing along an activity tracker such as the FitBit Alta HR, which is a wrist-worn tracker that lets you check your steps, distance, and calories burned to see if you have walked off the sweet treats.

Google Home Mini
I can’t live without my music, especially when traveling. If you’re like me, then next time bring a Google Home Mini with you. You can play music on-demand in the car or hotel room, listen to the news, check sports scores and more simply by connecting to WiFi (see above sections on global hotspot and secure public WiFi). It’s even compact enough to fit in any bag or luggage.

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