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The Not Boring, Not Dull, Essential Tech Gift List for Graduates

Our parents are so proud of us

It’s that time of year again. Time to start thinking about gifts for the graduates in your life who are heading off to college or graduate school. If you’re like me, you may struggle with finding just the right gift that is practical and functional, yet not dull.

As a result of my shopping research, I have come up with a list of technology gift ideas to help any college or graduate student get through school in an organized, stylish and productive way… and maybe even have a leg up on their fellow learners. Admittingly, some of these are out of my price range, but intrigued me so much, that I just may be able to convince family or friends to go in on a group gift.

Graduate gifts with the “oohs” and “aahs” factor:

Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard – A foldable and compact Bluetooth keyboard that is compatible with wireless devices, including tablets and mobile phones, makes a great gift for a student to carry around campus and use when a lot of typing is required.

Charging Backpack – Some of the popular backpack brands today offer backpacks that have smart technology built into them that allow students to charge their devices while they’re on the go, either through a rechargeable battery or through solar power.

Bluetooth Coffee Maker – Just because I love coffee, I had to include this gift on my list. Get the graduate a Bluetooth-enabled, or -capable, coffee maker that can be programmed from afar from an app on a smartphone. Pull an all-nighter at the library studying? The student can arrive home to a fresh pot of coffee. Accidentally leave the coffee maker on when leaving for class? It can be turned off remotely with the smartphone app.

Wireless Printer – You may be surprised by how inexpensive some of the quality wireless printer models are. A printer and scanner model are compact enough to fit easily in a dorm room and enable printing right from PCs or mobile devices. They’re a good idea for quick, last-minute printing needs.

Tile Mate – College students, they have a lot on their minds. So it may be easy to lose or misplace important belongings. They simply clip the Tile Mate onto a keyring, into a wallet, or into their backpack and with the use of GPS through the phone app, they can pinpoint exactly where the missing item is. Tile Mate is sold in a 1-pack or multi-pack, so you can choose how much “location assistance” your college student may need.

Laptop Lock – Think of a lock you would use with a bike, only this is for a laptop. Should they spend long hours in a classroom or the library and need to get a drink or take a bathroom break, a laptop lock will ensure the laptop stays where they left it.

Tablet – I know this idea is not very exciting, but it’s worthwhile to give it strong consideration just for portability-sake. A tablet is much easier to carry around campus than even a small laptop. The student can read electronic textbooks, take notes during class, and access the web for research through one compact device.

Smartphone App Subscriptions – Maybe buying the graduate a new smartphone is not an option, but if you’re looking for less-expensive gift ideas consider a 6-month or 1-year subscription (or gift cards) for some must-have apps for students, such as a dry cleaning service app, a money management app, food delivery services, a “college hacks” app, and apps that provide study guides or study plans.

One more thing as you give your gift to the graduate in your life — remind them of the sensible technology safety and security rules that we all should follow: never share passwords, be leery of emails from people they don’t know, always make sure their antivirus software is up to date on their computer, and never use unprotected public WiFi, even when they’re on campus.

Happy shopping!